Spire Cranes

by Spire Cranes

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released April 24, 2014



all rights reserved


Spire Cranes England, UK

Spire Cranes is the math-rock/electronica project of Kent-based artist Richard Smyth.

Writing, recording, producing and playing all of the instruments himself, Spire Cranes blends elements of jagged edged IDM with aggressively ethereal guitars, tribalistic Japanese drum styles and neo-classical instrumentation.
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Track Name: Sideways Slanting, Blanket Ivory Statues
At the first sign of trouble I'll sell you down the river
Wave your inconstancies aside in time
Don't look so surprised, we'll be fine, you could write it down
Root it out and tie it to the ground

So don't go waning and wilting, stay by the lines
And thank all the roads that chose this ministry
These times may come and your colours may run my friend
But pay it no mind these rivers often bend
Track Name: Wind Tunnels
Thaw these bridges into burning
As it seems so necessary
That's a fallen branch you're walking down
So don't go where you can be found

Respect forgets the sight of what's left
And I suffice when timing is right
But now and then, while taking it in
It shines to blind the people Ive been

And as they thaw, outside of that door
From cold to coal to friends of us all
I'll watch and wait until you're awake
And say this day is to separate
Track Name: His Wolves Are Only
Hold these branches close when these hands
You deal keep changing shaping
Forget the rains, the lines of your face
You were taught to stand, not cut off your hands

Stones in my rest, leaving bereft
I'll notate my way, just not today
Go waning on, his traps are empty
Pieces shifting, patience eroding

This wall is thin and makes
Each footstep speak to me
Forget the pains, the signs of her grace
Made to remember, not to recover

Slow in a way, blending a raid
With a hidden, sour agenda
Resigned in time, it wasn't easy to find
So take good care not to cover
Track Name: Drop
Stop casing the exits, they're still going to be there
Chasing away the remains of this evening
Let go and take the blame for an accident waiting
Stolen from men with their scriptures in hand

I'll stop to say goodbye on your last day around here
Shame just to notice things that are changing
Floods of applause and no time to be drowning
This bait is for taking and filling in time

Talk in those corners so far from my borders
Don't trust immunity that drinks to your health
Your eyes are away, I'll try hiding an iris
That's bet on reluctance to keep you in tow

We fed and enslaved and blamed all around us
Shame just to notice things that are gone
A storm and a warmth and a winter to ground us
Return to those men with their scripture in hand
Track Name: Glass Backbone
I bet you could tell
It was a long time coming
To lay our fears down again
Well it felt like we kept on running
Hindsight's rust is golden

My voice has
Left my arms in charge
I swung from rooftops all day

I was not stranded
In some soft mirage
Such a meagre array

Is does not seem wise
To make vows so outspoken
As your backbone withdraws

Although I keep them
I sometimes find them broken
But that's my nature, not yours
Track Name: Jasmine Abstraction
I cut that tree of knowledge down
So that I could get some peace
I was tormented by the sound
Of it's electricity

And I crept away in vain
As the lighting seared my eyes
And I whispered with my hands
"You'll never take me alive"

Slowly I grow to the size of my masters
Tear at the quotes that were written in anger
I'm alone when I know there is still time for laughter
And a question is better than finding an answer

I gestured with my glass
"I won't crawl this way again"
But my memory folds it's traps
In time to make amends

And I feel it making dens
With the shrapnel of our faith
And I feel it making sense
The noblest mistakes

Closely we've sewn our backs to the atlas
That marks our thrown of paper and teargas
The barbs of your tone suggest that the last chance
To go it alone, is mistaken for happenstance
Track Name: ...But Not Completely
Since silence may license
Opinions and guidance
To decide on a rightful
Place for my bridle

Who christens these, in betweens?

Give the journals to the circle
Those pages have purged all
The hurt and the struggle
And days that I'd brood on

Keep them contained, not led astray

They already know this
So this note is not hopeless
This is just to focus
The minds of the curious

And I see, clinging to my sleeve

There's not much that I have
That is still left intact
If there's use for it, use it
I hasten to add

For that chosen path, you're chipping at

In one piece in the ground please
There's no need for a burning
And no place for the churning
Of church bells and sermons

To cleanse my senses, leave them arrested

I never did rate any orthodox faith
Don't disgrace what remains with a christian grave

I don't expect you to see, this need in me

. . .

I drew meaning and feeling, swinging from the ceiling
Concealing some feelings by screaming and leaving
And eagerly proving myself not weakling
Applying the teachings of war wounds and teething

And ways to escape from those places abandoned
Nights with not but a song left to stand on
In those times I would find both a reason and pride
And would learn that sometimes all you have is inside